Machine Translation | Gabriele Sarti

Machine Translation

DecoderLens: Layerwise Interpretation of Encoder-Decoder Transformers

We propose DecoderLens, a method to evaluate the iterative refinement of representations in encoder-decoder Transformer models.

Quantifying the Plausibility of Context Reliance in Neural Machine Translation

We introduce PECoRe, an interpretability framework for identifying context dependence in language model generations.

RAMP: Retrieval and Attribute-Marking Enhanced Prompting for Attribute-Controlled Translation

We introduce Retrieval and Attribute-Marking enhanced Prompting (RAMP) to perform attribute-controlled MT with multilingual LLMs.

Are Character-level Translations Worth the Wait? Comparing ByT5 and mT5 for Machine Translation

We analyze input contributions of char-level MT models and show how they modulate word and character-level information.

Inseq: An Interpretability Toolkit for Sequence Generation Models

We present Inseq, a Python library to democratize access to interpretability analyses of sequence generation models.

DivEMT: Neural Machine Translation Post-Editing Effort Across Typologically Diverse Languages

DivEMT is a publicly available post-editing study of Neural Machine Translation over a typologically diverse set of target languages.