Language Modeling | Gabriele Sarti

Language Modeling

Advanced XAI Techniques and Inseq: An Interpretability Toolkit for Sequence Generation Models

This talk introduces the Inseq toolkit for interpreting sequence generation models. The usage of Inseq is illustrated with examples introducing state-of-the-art approaches for interpreting language models such as contrastive attribution, tuned lenses and causal mediation analysis.

Interpreting Neural Language Models for Linguistic Complexity Assessment

This thesis presents a model-driven study of multiple phenomena associated with linguistic complexity, and how those get encoded by neural language models' learned representations.

ICLR 2020 Trends: Better & Faster Transformers for Natural Language Processing

A summary of promising directions from ICLR 2020 for better and faster pretrained tranformers language models.

Neural Language Models: the New Frontier of Natural Language Understanding

An overview of the latest advances in the field of NLP, with a focus on neural models and language understanding.

AItalo Svevo: Letters from an Artificial Intelligence

Generating letters with a neural language model in the style of Italo Svevo, a famous italian writer of the 20th century.